What to expect

Considering getting help with a project, but curious about the whole process? Here’s our step-by-step guide explaining what you can expect from start to finish so that you can rest easy in your decision.

Step1: Consultation

Each project starts with an hour consultation when we discuss your wants, needs, and budget for the entire project. We will gather all the necessary information to complete an estimate and share tricks of the trade specific to your project.

Step 2: Project Estimate & Mood Board

After the initial consultation you will receive a project estimate including an itemized furnishings list and budget for each space. You will have the opportunity to edit the estimate until it fits your needs and budget before approval.  You will also receive a Mood Board consisting of initial design ideas that will serve as the segue between the initial consultation and first draft of the design plan.

Step 3: Sign Contract & Pay

Once the estimate is approved, I will email the contract for you to sign and will invoice you for half of the design fee and for the full amount of furniture and decor. (Large furniture purchases can be paid directly to the retailer if preferred.) Any amount paid for furniture and/or decor will be deposited into a separate expense account and will be used for the purchase of your project’s furniture and/or decor only.

Step 4: Project Look Book & Spec Sheets

Once the invoice is paid, the Project Look Book and Spec Sheets outlining the design plan will become live online. You will have the opportunity to make any changes you prefer until the selections meet your satisfaction.

Step 5: Order/Shop

Once the overall design is approved, I will begin the ordering and shopping process. During this time, we may meet to select larger purchases such as furniture.

Step 6: Install Day

All of the hard work and decision making finally come to life on Install Day. We take care of every detail from start to finish with our white glover service to ensure your space is exactly how you envisioned it. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your new space!

If you have a question about your project or want to book a consultation with any of our stylists, then get in touch today!

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